Retail Account Planning/POCM Ordering

Creating Insight into Retail Account Planning

For 165 years, Anheuser-Busch has been an iconic American company, brewing great-tasting, high-quality beers. They embrace new technologies and innovations so they can brew, package, transport and deliver more than 100 brands in the most environmentally-sustainable way possible.

Software Design Partners has partnered with Anheuser-Busch Companies for more than 13 years, and 200 projects, to help solve their business challenges and build technology solutions that create a competitive edge. Our history of successful on-time and on-budget projects with A-B has made us a trusted advisor to their team.


The executive team at Anheuser-Busch was challenged to increase sales strategy alignment, planning, accountability and visibility between the corporate strategy teams, corporate key account managers and distributor sales representatives. Their existing process provided little insight into how large initiatives would be executed in the market on a local or national level.

They looked to Software Design Partners to create a solution that would:

  • Manage market planning down to 500,000 retail accounts instead of 600+ distributors in order to allow detailed tracking of ROI on marketing initiatives.
  • Create an efficient user experience at a corporate and sales representative level.
  • Provide corporate and distribution partners with detailed analytics and reporting.
  • Enable corporate strategy teams to quickly communicate and implement adjustments in retail accounts.
  • Track costs on all sales initiatives.


SDP had extensive knowledge of the client across business units and insight into the challenges they were facing. As a long-term partner, we worked with them to provide business innovation consulting and create a competitive edge in the marketplace. This challenge gave us the opportunity to work with A-B to design, develop and deploy a software solution used by thousands of corporate and distributor sales personnel across the US.

At SDP, we dive in with our clients to learn all aspects of the challenge they want solved. During the requirements and design phase we went through many rounds of meetings, whiteboard sessions and layout reviews with the key stakeholders to make sure we were creating a solution that met their strategic goals. Prototypes were reviewed with field personnel for additional feedback and adjustments to ensure that those individuals that would be utilizing the solution had the right tool for the job.

Competitive Edge

We brought deep experience in ERP integration, data integration and analytics, agile development methodology and background with online ordering and e-commerce to the project. The end product gave the client the ability to align sales strategy and execution across retail accounts. The analysis and strategic planning shifted focus from 600+ distributors to 500,000 retail accounts.


SDP delivered A-B a solution that included:

  • Easy to use portal for planning new product launches and supporting existing products
  • Detailed planning of product placement, off premise displays, on premise promotions, price breaks and more
  • Executive dashboards to monitor and measure progress for key business objectives
  • Ability for corporate and distributor managers to track dollars spent vs. budget
  • Integration with new and existing business platforms including an ERP system, account management systems and mobility platform
  • More than 40 analytical reports providing hundreds of selection/filtering options
  • Access and use by desktop and mobile devices
  • Security limiting user features based on user role


Our Business Innovation Consulting and Software Development capabilities came together to create a competitive edge for the client through a cost effective product and ongoing enhancements and support.