Developing ERP For Growth

Developing ERP For Growth

Castit is a business system specifically designed for foundries to integrate all business functions from quotation and order entry through certification and shipment. Software Design Partners has partnered with Castit for two years, developing and deploying numerous solutions giving them a competitive edge.


Castit had an existing software application built on a legacy platform that was no longer supported and in need of updating. The operating system also limited the hardware the client could purchase. These challenges stopped the strategic growth of distributing the application through a re-seller model.

Castit looked to Software Design Partners to update their existing solution to:

  • Lower hardware costs by being platform agnostic
  • Create a mobile-friendly experience
  • Provide efficiency opportunities
  • Upgrade the application to a new technology stack



SDP’s experience in software automation within the manufacturing space, along with lifecycle custom software development, made us a perfect fit to partner on this project.

We started the process by spending time on the plant floor to understand the overall business processes. The solution needed to be as minimal a disruption to production as possible. After collaborating with Castit, we agreed on a phased approach where business units would be migrated to the updated solution individually over time.

SDP worked side-by-side with the primary users in each business and manufacturing area to understand how the software was going to be utilized. This allowed the users to be a part of mapping the solution and helped create added enthusiasm and excitement around the project.

Competitive Edge

Overall reaction to the application has been extremely positive. The existing software was restructured to run on a browser using new technology to prevent obsolesce in the future.

We brought Castit a solution that:

  • Refaced the existing application with enhancements.
  • Enhanced usability, reduced overall effort and improved quality.
  • Discovered and implemented process efficiencies.


Due to our Process Consulting, Software Development and IoT capabilities, the solution is now portable and will be able to run in the cloud making it viable to market to other casting related companies.